I spontaneously decided to add another blog post after seeing a – lets say interesting – report in German television this morning.

There is a restaurant in China that came up with a – lets say stupid – advertising gimmick: They rate peoples appearance and if they are pretty enough, their meal is for free. Sounds great, right? Here and here you can read more about the restaurant.

So how does that work?

Pretty simple and pretty absurd! After entering the restaurant, people have to use a face-scanning machine that takes photos of the users and these photos are directly send to two plastic surgeons working as “evaluators” for the restaurants. Yes, you read correctly!


Of course, you get your results AFTER you had your meal. I mean, we don´t want people to lose their appetite. So after enjoying a rich meal that is borne by the desire to finally get recognition and admiration, people have to face the judgement of those two “experts”.

What is really frightening is the way they tell people their opinion. This goes like:

A: “O-o-kaaay. What do you think?”

B: “First of all, you have to correct you nose. Then you deeeefinitely need to get your cheekbones raised. Moreover, your forehead is way to flat. Do some surgery and then you can try again. Maybe you will get your next meal here for free.”

The report ends with the nice young girl called “A” (or are we talking about humans here?!) explaining that “I never really thought about plastic surgery. But I think now I will try it.”

I guess this wasn´t a hard decision. Come on, who wouldn´t do plastic surgery for a free meal?




[1] = Picture taken from http://i.telegraph.co.uk/multimedia/archive/03163/china-beauty-resta_3163129c.jpg, 01.04.2016