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System of Oppression

My ethnography case

When I was doing my Erasmus in Germany I attended a conference in Freie Universität Berlin about gender politics. Is my second day there. I’m a little tired of so many panels and the conference is going to end and I was sat listening to them when suddenly one of the assistants stand up and going outside. I guess to the toilet. This person is my object of study in my ethnography work because it calls me my attention. The first time I though it’s a girl. She has short-cut blond hair, what can be considered as a boys’ haircut. If you think about that, short hair nowadays doesn’t mean a completely masculine hair curt. This can be also a girls’ haircut, as the famous pixie cut that many famous people wear as Emma Watson and Michelle Williams. Then I’m moving to the face, It’s something …androgen. I was sure that it’s a woman, but it also has like masculine features, hard features and a blue-eyes glance that remembered me to a man. Then I passed to the clothes. She is wearing a white T-shirt with denim overalls. Looking at her overall, it seems at the first time she is a woman, but when I looked at her deeply, a man appears in my man. It’s like have two genders at the same time.

As conclusion, think that one has a gender caused the way it dresses or look or have the haircut, just have what is expected from your sex, doesn’t mean that you belong to that gender. Times changes and we pass from considerate trousers as masculine and from boys are now for girls too. We should take in mind that there are not things such as clothes or actions that are associated to one sex. Nowadays this can be for both and equality start by that.

An Educational Experience

Education is a facilitated of learning that is important all around the world. But it is important around the world in different aspects.  In a different country for example, education  could been seen as the most important in order to facilitate what the best method is in order to have a functional and successful life. However in the US for another example, I feel as if it’s all about connections that one makes instead of the education that one has. For it has been my displeasure to meet people who don’t talk with an educated mind but with a view of only what their parents have taught them ,whether good or bad, and never gone out to experience and see if it is true. However that is not to say that education is not important for it is as well very important there.

Being an educated person is such an important part of our society and culture and is necessity needed in order to get by. Unlike in European countries ,like Germany, where I am currently studying, in the US, education, especially higher education like college education, is extremely expensive. One pursues this higher college education, in order to receive their degree so that it is possible to get a good paying job with health care benefits that won’t leave you paying $50 to $70 every time you see the doctor for a checkup. Tuition fees in American schools are extremely high. One could pay a range of $19,000 to $60,000 per year including room and board. If one is not able to pay his tuition fees upfront, they have the option to take out student loans or what we call Financial Aid. Student loans and financial aid come in the form of scholarships, stipend, as well as well as directly from our government. However with all of these fees you eventually have to pay them back as one needs to do when taking out a loan. All of these loans you don’t have to pay back until the end of your  college education however some loans have attached to them interest rates that still accumulate while you are in school.

So, by the time you actually finished school some of 3, 4 years later you will have accumulated debt to your name and/or to your parent’s  name for possibly over $100,000. It is for these reasons I think that  education is used in America as a system of Oppression. Basically a way to say if you can’t pay to be educated then you don’t have the right to be educated. But if by chance you choose the path of educating yourself with the assistance of Financial Aid you will be forced to work for 30+ years of your life in order to pay off $100,000 in debt and still be able to live in a house and take care of your family. But it just doesn’t just stop there. Then what happens is that you don’t continue to learn for the enthusiasm of learning but because you are forced to in order to be accepted into society. Which would in a sense explain why it is a fact that “Anxiety disorders are the most common mental health problem amongst US College Campuses” (Anxiety Depression Association of America). After the process of completing higher education, we are forced to find a job, that we are more than likely not to enjoy, only because the wages are good and work with paying back loans at the same time as trying to survive. Suddenly you find yourself 32 years old stuck working a nine-to-five pm job as a telemarketer, hate waking up in the morning to go to this job, and spending so much of your time doing something you do not care about or enjoy. But you feel don’t have a choice because you need the wages that this job pays and you find yourself unhappy because you’re not living you’re just going through the motions by then. All of this only to pay off the education that is necessary in our society to get these jobs.

Everyone will not choose these exact steps but for those who do, the best hope is that we all get our degrees in something we are passionate for and don’t fall into the motions of just being and choosing a path that is convenient. That by the time we finally finish getting our bachelor’s and master’s degrees we have made a mountain of connections. We have bonded with our professors who will write our glowing letters of recommendation. We have struggled in class but learned more than we could have ever dreamed of learning. Most importantly that we are getting a degree in a subjects that won’t let your bones rest that makes you axioms to learn the very next thing. Then after all that we find a job that we have a burning fire for and we enjoy working that nine-to-five job at someplace that makes us feel alive and makes us feel that we are making a difference. But above all, finding a job that makes us happy with our educated educational experience .



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