I would like this time to post an article about a movie that I have seen at the Berlinale 2017. It won the Silver Bear for Best Screenplay and is directed by the Chilean director Sebastian Lelio.

I will first tell you the context in which I happen to watch that movie: I was there with a friend and we did not wanted to see any trailer or synopsis of the movie that we would happen to see. So we went to the cinema and just had a look at the title of the movies that were screened that night. ‘Una Mujer Fantastica’ caught our attention. So we went into the room and said to each other that we hoped it was going to be a movie that leaves you a bit perplexed, the kind of ones that stir you and makes you want to smoke a big cigarette afterwards. Well, we happened to have chosen the right one.

The director and actors were present at the screening, and went on stage before the beginning of the movie to make a brief speech without saying anything about the film we were about to watch. At that moment, when I saw the beautiful main actress in a purple long dress that suited her really well, something else still caught my attention and left me a little bit perplexed. As I saw her from behind walking with her high heels, and then when I saw her standing up on stage I had the feeling she was a transsexual. I must say I felt very uncomfortable having that feeling, I asked myself what could let me think that. Especially since my friend did not see her as a transsexual. We actually talked later about it, she discovered in the movie that the actress actually a transsexual. My digression apart, I would like to recommend this film.

It is set in Chile, probably the most catholic state in South America. A very conservative country. It is the story of Marina Vidal, a transsexual, of whom boyfriend just died. It is the story of her, expecting through the funeral to say a last goodbye to her lover. It is also the story of a transsexual in the Chilean society and her not being accepted by her boyfriend’s family.

I was shocked by the psychological violence of the movie. And even more shocked and stirred when I think about the fact that this movie is actually depicting a picture of our society. As a woman (and born woman), I am aware of course of the discrimination that are transgender persons the victims of. But I have never faced it, I will never experience it and that difference is huge. Through the movie I saw so much verbal and physical violence that tears of sadness but also anger fell from my eyes. I would recommend seeing that movie to every person who seeks to understand better the violence of our society towards people that do not fit in the “two gendered” main culture.