[NB: I did not take notes on the moment because I could not, but tried to all observe and remember. I direct thought that it has to be my observation for the week.]

I was sitting outside of a bar with friends. I was looking around me at people in the street, without so much paying attention.

I noticed two persons walking together, maybe a couple. They were a man and a woman, approximately in the middle of the twenties, speaking together. They were walking fast, maybe were they on the road to meet friends or something else. They also seemed to have Middle East origins. I indeed noticed their dark eyes and hair, and their form of face and color of skin that is known as typical of this area. They were quite mainstream-fashioned, with jeans, t-shirt and sneakers. The woman also had a bag. I did not think at this moment needing more observations, everything looked normal and accurate, my idea was done of who they were. (Is it so evident?)

Then I noticed that the woman had a very masculine face. Her jaws were strong, she had also a nose and eyebrows which made her looking like a man. Yet she had a feminine shape, and while she was far from me I did not had notice that, maybe because she had pretty long hair, which is socially accepted as a sign of feminity. At the first sight she really seemed a “normal woman”, her body was not strange, and she seemed not to have a fake-looking breast or too much strong legs for a woman. It is like if I was putting this person on a scale of masculinity/feminity, and trying to determine where she is on it.

My first instinct when I start to ask myself about this person has been to check between her legs, to determine if she was only a transvestite or real transsexual. That probably means that I presupposed that she had been a man and then were in a process of turning a woman. Then the existence, or not/not anymore, of a penis or other kind of genital would be a criteria of analysis. I really did it without thinking, and it surprised me a lot. I thought that this judgement was not very respectful of her. It appears to me like going in her intimacy, and more judging than just having a general look, an act going through the polite ignorance.

What has surprised me in this experience, is that it all happened in less than one minute, but all those minds came in my mind so fast! I also remember having the reflection that if they really had oriental origins, it was original because those countries are less open-minded about gender issues (in many of them, the homosexuality is illegal).

My next post will be about scaling my categorization of her appearance and gender.