In my post “The church is too feminine” you could see how people take gender stereotypes for granted and how they even try to write this imagination into the church.   So let’s stay with church movements in Baden- Württemberg (a part of Germany) for a moment. Two years ago a coalition called “Demo für alle” (Demo for all) started fighting against gender mainstreaming, gender studies, sex education and the rights of queer people. This movement made a video where they `explain` gender in less than three minutes.25468930576_d4b3298e4d_o It says gender studies would try to make men and women all the same. What would result in confused children, parents and teachers because children wouldn’t know anymore if they’re a boy or a girl. Disregarding how they constitute gender studies it also shows how afraid people are of losing their accurate life boxes. The climax in the video shows the top of their fear of what could happen trough gender mainstreaming: Men could wear dresses or girls could drive a truck – that really sounds to me like the end of the world. Where was the culture again which said women couldn’t drive a car?

I can’t believe that there is a god who would jump of the clouds because of women driving trucks. But even young people believe these videos. One of my former friends posted a petition from this coalition against an education reform which was planned for schools in Baden-Württemberg. In this reform the representation of queer people as normal people in everyday life situations should become a bigger issue in school and school books. 25376585422_f6a7179aee_oIn this petition against the school reform were `arguments` like gay people would kill themselves more and would often become drug addicted and get aids. They totally twisted the `facts` and `statistics` to manipulate them for their argumentation . When I commented the post to show how many mistakes and lies obviously were in this petition. He wrote me a private message which said “Let’s face it, as if you want to have gay kids. People lie about that because politics nowadays want us to say that we have to accept queer people.” The chat escalated quickly because arguments like “kids would all try homosexual sex because the teacher said it is normal and not an illness” are not just insulting but also absolute nonsense. There was also the opinion that homosexuals are more sexual and would do `unmoral stuff` (For more information about how homosexuality is argumented as more sexual look at the posts of Dorotea. She explained it good with the representation of sexuality in movies). It really shocked me that people in my age, people who graduated from school with me, were still thinking gay people are ill and have to be cured. So I think they are the proof that we need such an education reform absolutely. To treat queer people in school as a normal part of everyday life should be a first step for a more open and understanding world. The world always changes, society changes, religion changes, people change – Let the change be a good one.