My foregoing posts might have created the impression that Hip Hop is a one-sided homophobic and misogynistic world – But this is not always the case.

Over the months in that I wrote these posts I encountered many artists who are more conscious about homosexuality but also sexism and violence in their lyrics and especially recently more of them are coming up. In this post I would like to introduce you to some of them.

Well known for standing up for LGBT-rights is the German rapper Sookee who studied linguistics and gender studies. She deals with homophobia and sexism in most of her songs. I am not that much into her rap style but I think that her attitude delivers a nice contrast to the usual German rap homophobia.

I already mentioned Edgar Wasser, a rapper from Munich – He often refers to sexism in Hip Hop but also to homophobia. He doesn’t reveal much of his private life so I can’t tell much else about him. I really like how he confronts the modern rap scene in an ironical way. Take some time to explore his music and to think through the lyrics!

Another German rap group with a clear position on homophobia but also on racism is Antilopen Gang from Düsseldorf and Aachen. A good start point to their music is the song “Verliebt” that presents a nice statement to the listener. Their message is exemplary.

Retrogott (former Kurt Huss) deals with gender related topics nowadays way different than on his old songs. Compare these two and you might be quite surprised about the development he made over the years. 1 2

But apart from these there are some lesser known rappers worth mentioning.

MXM & Pavel from Berlin who are part of the label “Upstruct” introduce a nice down-to-earth attitude to the Berlin rap scene. With their modest working class style, they pose quite a difference to most other artists nowadays.

Pöbel MC, also part of Upstruct, positions himself quite clearly against homophobia.

I’d also recommend Dramadigs from Bremen. They also don’t fit into the usual rap pattern. If you like their music also take some time to watch this short movie that Juli Haase made as part of ther master thesis.

This is by far not an exhaustive presentation of “conscious” rappers but I hope I could give you a little insight and a starting point to explore more. No matter what kind of rap you’re into, there is a lot to find. 🙂