Society, according to the definition from Google, is the aggregate of people living together in a more or less ordered community. What I find interesting about this definition is the fact that they used the term “more or less”. Essentially this term allows leaving room for failure as well as the trial and error that is needed in order to figure out what works and what does not. Unfortunately I feel as if what works and what does and what does not was based predominantly on a male point of view. From tv advertisements for food, clothing, perfumes and the like, woman have been brushed under the rug and deemed as creatures only made to fit societies form only to please the male. And even though it has probably been known by woman of older generations , it seems as if it has only begun to be more forcefully rebelled against. This is simply one of the many ways that society has shaped and formed our minds.

It as if we have been so manipulated by what is crammed into our head from the point of elementary school to the beginning of university that it is at times we are somehow unsure of how a situation would be a problem. For example, I was online the other day and saw someone post about how in American schooling during how we learn, a few pages about Mexicans in America, 3 or so weeks learning about African Americans and Slavery, and 9 months on white colonization. Now I had not even thought about how messed up this system is. This is the same education we pay 50,000 dollars for and we only get at times, what we pay for and what our school districts allow for us to learn. Systematic Selective learning at its best.

My article about LGBT in Media being killed off was an eye opener to me. I was aware of the problem but did not think of an act to rebel against it in order to initiate change. Or how women have the biological urge and how “one day it will hit them and they will want to have kids because that’s what women do. What society has conformed us to think and how behave. The worst being we are programmed to learned and do what we are told and to not ask questions less it reap penalty from authorities.

Now this generation has been blooming and really fighting back against what we feel is right and wrong and speaking up for ourselves but how much are we really going against the grain? We seek change and others are acknowledging this, however it is like a one step forward in two steps back aspect. In regards to the new Barbie Ad, we are shown how it is amazing that young boys are being advertised in playing with what is seen as a predominately female toy but still in a sense, advertised negatively and instead of him being of a more respectable boy he’s portrayed as being very cheeky and what message does that send? It is almost as if they do it for the possible negative reaction so that there is an excuse not to advertise like that again in the near future.

If I were to end this off by saying anything, it would be that from my experience in this world, this society we have been bred in, it would be to never take someone’s word as final. Question the subjects you learn about, research them and do not let anyone force you to believe something when first hearing about it. Because what makes this generation ,as well as other generations, special is the way we think. Our mind is our own so we must continue to question things to make, create and live in a society that is more than less an ordered community.