In my introduction post, I wrote about the strict boxes in which our society is separated. One of the strictest categories is gender. This category is written in every aspect of life. Last week I saw an article about a computer game which got a new Add-on. “Siege of Dragonspear” for the game Baldur’s Gate was released with the new character Mizhena. She provides healing to the players and you can ask her questions about her life. Then she will tell you: “When I was born, my parents thought me boy and raise me as such. In time, we all came to understand I was truly a woman. I created my new name from syllables of different languages. All have spiritual meaning to me; it is the truest reflection of who I am.” (You can see the scene with Mizhena here from minute 5: Because of this character some people (especially men) freaked out with rude comments and bad ratings.

“Fans of #BaldursGate are pissed and rightly so #SJW have poisoned the well of the Baldurs Gate legacy this is why you #DontHireSJW

“Again #SJW s don’t get it. Ppl liked Mass Effect; it had plenty of #gender themes. Ram it down ppl’s throats=poor writing. #BaldursGate.“

ScreenshotIf the game has some deficits, it’s absolutely legitimate to criticize them, but some people experienced a disaster in their favourite game series, because of the existence of a transsexual character. In many comments you see that in their opinion only heteronormativity is the right and normal world. It’s like they would assume there are normal people and then there is the rest, which doesn’t fit in the heterosexual norm and this people aren’t allowed to exist in “their normal” classic games. There are only two gender boxes, men and women, and if a person changes them, he or she isn’t a part of the normal society anymore. In classic games there were only heterosexual men and women, so the next hundred years there is no continuing opportunity? Interesting. The fascinating thing about transsexuality is how it shows the strict categories of gender. I thought games would be a place of imagination of possibilities, but when some categories are opened, their inhabitants have to roar. As loud and hard as possible. They fight for their little box- world.

Another critique was how the person tells you her history in three sentences, because people in the real world wouldn’t tell something like that a complete stranger. But why not? We are in a fantasy world. Shouldn’t it be possible to treat their transsexuality as an absolutely normal story? Something you can tell people, because there is no problem behind it? I like, that this character is going forward with this information as it would be the most normal thing on earth. If we want to come outside of our box, why shouldn’t we start in fantasy, in games?