„Gender is kind, syntax, relation, genre; gender is not the transubstantiation of biological sexual difference. The argument in Primate Visions works by telling and retelling stories in the attempt to shift the webs of intertextuality and to facilitate perhaps new possibilities of the meaning of difference, reproduction and survival for specifically located members of the primate order –on both sides of the bio-politics and cultural divide between human and animal“.

Donna Haraway (1990): Primate Visions. Gender, Race, and Nature in the World of Modern Science. Routledge, p. 337.


In Donna Haraway  gender is a pretext in order to investigate the way in which men build their own knowledge and, by reading her work, we can get the feeling of this web of intertextuality: gender categories, which are social categories, influence our way of life and knowing in different fields. But at the same time it’s also clear that there is a performative relationship between us and reality.

If it’s true that the way in which we know things is conditioned from historic and social dynamics, it is also true that the way in which we know ourselves can transform our own reality and life. Basically, if we are not honest with ourselves, we’ll never know who we are. But there are fields in which it’s as much difficult as important to be sincere and I think sexuality is one of these. My purpose is to investigate some reasons why is it like that.

So, what I would like to do with my 6 posts is to speak about sexuality and the hard relationship between the discovery of our sexuality and social prejudices. Often I will discuss these problems by telling and analysing the plots of some good movies that I’ve seen about that. Sometimes my observations will be presented like in a sort of film-column. What I find particularly interesting, relative to my subject, is the bond between sexuality and feminism, between sexuality and religion, and, in general, between conservative mentality and individuals freedom problems. I hope to can capture your imagination too!

Oh, I’ve forgot… My name is Dorotea, I come from Sardinia (Italy) and I study philosophy.

A nice day everyone!