Hi, I´m Marcel and my favorite quote from Donna Haraway´s Primate Visions is:

“Primates existing at the boundaries of so many hopes and interests are wonderful subjects with whom to explore the permeability of walls, the reconstitution of boundaries, the distaste for endless socially enforced dualisms (3).

I think this quote nicely describes human´s inconsistency and points to the fact that humans are not the exclusive rulers over the world. Rather we depend on animals in order to explore the human world – and instead of just understanding the behavior of animals, they often help us understanding (and questioning) our own behavior.

My topic for our Nature of Being – Blog is called “Media representation of women and men – obsolete perceptions in the 21st century?” In general, my topic will investigate how women and men are represented in media nowadays.

Showing media representations against the background of the dualism between male and female, my blogposts are aimed at the question of how far media representations still refer to „traditional“ gender roles in which women are naturally seen as the weaker sex which has to take up a subordinate role to men. Moreover, I will explore how certain gender identities are created, what they look like and how male and female identities are separated by media.
For this purpose I will chose different types of media. I will focus on women and men magazines but also do some excursions to advertisements for women and men and two TV channels. In the end I will summarize this interesting topic with the help of an expert.

Instead of doing an extensive study of different media, individual contributions will be selected in order to illustrate interesting aspects of media representations of women and men nowadays.

I hope you will have fun reading my posts and in the end you will question magazine covers like the following…

Cover_Introduction Post


[1] = Picture taken from http://cdn03.cdn.justjared.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/wilde-cosmo/olivia-wilde-cosmopolitan-april-2011.jpg, 02.01.2016